When it comes to keeping the carpet cleaned at your facility, there is a real return on your investment. Not only does it help keep it cleaner, better looking, and your carpet last longer. It also leads to happier and more comfortable workers and customers. Which in return can lead to more production and business for your building. In addition to that and maybe the biggest reason is because it helps prevent absences in the workplace. The CDC estimates that 80% of workplace illnesses are transmitted through personal contact, or contact with common items everyone interacts with. And since all kinds of germs and allergens like to hide in the carpet. Every time someone walks on the carpet it circulates all of them up into the air. The CDC reported that proper cleaning can cut down on workplace absences by 50%. In addition to that even if workers don’t call in, and make it to work. The allergens in the air can cause constant irritation to the nose and eyes. Leading to sneezing, runny noses, and itchy eyes, which can help lead to workers losing focus throughout the day. And all of this by something that can be avoided. Keeping the carpet clean is very important because carpet fibers hold onto dirt, dust, and allergens more than smooth surfaces. We also have no idea what others have walked into before they walked on the carpet, and what all germs and bacteria they’ve picked up and brought with them along the way. Studies show that 93% of shoes have some sort of fecal matter on them, which isn’t good for the staff or carpet itself! So as you can see regular commercial carpet cleaning not only keeps your carpet clean and helps it last longer. It also helps lead to a more productive workforce and less absences. So contact us today to see about getting your carpet cleaned by the best and keeping it clean longer than the rest!