That proximity doesnt use in different ways, although New York Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets might not have geographical space between them.
They couldnt be farther apart.
That the narratives are fueled by the star power of Brooklyn for both franchises. For both teams exceeding the expectations might repay.
Under a week prior to the 2019-20 NBA season begins, neither Nets or even the Knicks are favorites to win the NBA Finals. They also arent the favorites.
Brooklyn is to win +1200 and the Finals to acquire the Eastern Conference. New York sits on the exact bets in +20000 and +25000.
The Nets have odds to win the division that both groups are part of, nevertheless, at +500. The lineup on the Knicks pulling on off the same is +25000.
From the NBA, winning a division is irrelevant for postseason functions. It has no effect on seeding for the playoffs, thats the subject of another wager at DraftKings.
The very best record in each conference in the NBA gets home-court benefit. DraftKings has odds on both teams achieving that in 2019-20.
The traces, as they sit now, are familiar. While New York is currently +25000 brooklyn is currently +2500. DraftKings additionally has lines on whether either team captures any of those eight playoffs spots in the East.
The wager is a simple question of whether Nets and the Knicks make the playoffs, either no or yes. The odds are different for all four possible outcomes:
As that dependent on both groups records, DraftKings has a win total for the two franchises. That sits in 27.5 for the Knicks and 44.5 for the Nets currently.
Given how both teams look going into the season, those win totals may be quite accurate. While the reconstruct lasts for New York, brooklyn ought to compete.
The acquisition of forward Kevin Durant and shield Kyrie Irving could be transformational for the Nets. If guard Caris LeVert and centre DeAndre Jordan play up to their abilities, Brooklyn could challenge the Milwaukee Bucks and Philadelphia 76ers to the Eastern Conference crown.
That is also determined by avoiding injuries, but when things work out, 44-38 could be overly pessimistic. That is particularly true in case Durant can return from his right Achilles tendon rupture later this year.
Like the Nets, the Knicks have to stay healthy to get any chance. New York needs a number of its roster components is expected for them to get to more or 28 wins.
That could start with lottery selection forward R.J. Barrett. The Nets will lean on Irving this year. Due to their significance, DraftKings has futures bets for both players.
The entire year as an MVP candidate opens . DraftKings has him to be voted the 2020 MVP.
DraftKings has the exact chances on him top the team in scoring average. Irving is to lead the team at 3-point baskets per match and +8000 to lead the league in assists per game.
The lineup on Barrett being selected because the 2020 Rookie of the Year is. That places him.
While DraftKings doesnt expect Brooklyn or New York to be playing at the Finals this season, it could be a much larger payday for those benefiting from New Jersey sports gambling if the Knicks achieve that pinnacle.
Those that are ready to risk their money could observe a money back.

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